Georges Khoury has been all around the world in the name of technology. From Lebanon to Vancouver to Seattle, Georges has spent his career making advances in the tech space, eventually founding the Seattle-based start-up Attendible. What keeps him going, and where is he headed? Find out below:

  • “I got my first computer and thought, ‘This is something good’,” Georges says of his early entrance into the world of computer science. He followed that feeling and made a career as a software engineer working with Microsoft. “The best thing about software is the quick feedback, the ability to create stuff.”
  • Georges loves seeing his technology making a positive impact on people’s lives. He explains that his favorite part of working in software is “seeing other people use it and interact with it.” He continues, “I love to see it helping people.”
  • What’s running through Georges’ head as he create a new agile piece of software? His mantra: “Keep refining.”
  • At the end of our interview, Georges looked forward to the future of startups and technology. “The cloud is definitely a game changer,” he says, adding, “Mobile - oh, it’s going to be big. They’re going to get bigger, smarter, faster.”