Jenni Hogan from Kiro and Social7 on Nextcast from Nextcast on Vimeo.

Jenni Hogan wants to change the way you interact with news - and the way it interacts with you. With a vision for connectivity, communication, and entrepreneurship, Jenni is working with her KIRO news team to evolve the conversation between people and information. What lessons has Jenni learned along the way, and what’s she up to next? Find out in this social-media savvy Nextcast.

  • Jenni Hogan doesn’t just want you to watch the news, she wants to have a conversation with you about the news. Turning the one-way, “outbound” communication of the news into a two-way interaction is what she’s all about, and she loves the possibilities “With your iPad you can design the news you want,” she says. (2:11)
  • Keeping an open mind and being ready for anything is how Jenni stays on top of the best ways to innovate. Be ready for “things that come out of the blue” because that’s where the game-changers are, she explains. “Be open to letting the community create what’s next.” (9:30)
  • Who is Jenni’s hero? Anyone who can “jump,” she says. What does she mean? “People who are trying and failing; they’re not secure, but they’re following their dreams.” A KIRO entrepreneur herself, Jenni thinks anyone trying to make something new happen (no matter what) is worth admiring. (17:14)
  • KIRO’s viewers have a platform in Jenni - and she likes it that way. “My audience is everyday people,” she says. “My people are powerful. Together they can be huge; they voice is amazing.” (21:55)
  • Jenni loves the possibilities of social media to connect everyone from celebrities to the everyday news viewer. Her goal? “Empowering people to give them a voice. If there’s a way to use technology to empower people to have a platform, a lot of people have something great to add, but they don’t have the spotlight,” she says. And if Jenni has her way...we won’t be waiting long for that spotlight to arrive. (23:45)