In July, I had a rare opportunity -- to crash a Startup Weekend in Seattle where 75% of the attendees were women. Startup Weekend Women's Edition was a twist on the traditional Startup Weekend model. As at any of the hundreds of Startup Weekends worldwide, the event was packed with top-notch developers, designers and business minds with entrepreneurial goals. They'd come together on Friday night to spend the next 54 hours building tech companies. But while a typical Startup Weekend sees 82% male participants, this event swapped the ratio. 75% of attendees were women, while only 25% were men. Nearly 100 people had the opportunity to attend the event, and more than 100 were on the wait list.

On Saturday afternoon, I convinced seven of these women to take a break from the startup grind and share their own stories of entrepreneurship, technology, career-building, and the importance of serving food that's not pizza.

Chelsia Hart, RealNetworks

Susie Kroll, Babysitting Startup, Amazon, Microsoft

Monica Houston, Google

Melody Biringer, CRAVE

Jessica Smith, OnMobile Media

Jana Harper, The Mill

Irina Menn, University of Washington, Mercent, Stem