Jeff Dickey oversees Cloud Strategy & Architecture at Redapt, where he works with IT executives across the country as they solve current and future business problems with solutions that will stand the test of time. Jeff has worked in IT and Operations management consulting for 15 years, helping companies across all verticals save millions by investing in technology and IT practices that that will meet the needs of both short- and long-term business goals. His 200+ clients include Lloyd’s Bank of London, State Farm, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Stocker Resources.
Jeff is a tech visionary with a history of helping companies save money by peering five or ten years into the futures of technologies. He brings a depth and breadth of knowledge in the world of cloud infrastructure and PasS. He’s spent years working with the top providers of strategies and solutions, and he’s currently working on the largest hybrid cloud in the world. He’s experienced in every silo of the IT world, and he’s built a reputation as the guy who forces an examination of the angles no one else noticed were there. His on-going work with IT execs at the top companies in the world gives him a rare insight into what’s working, what’s not, and what’s on the horizon. 
Jeff started his career in IT management at Countrywide, managing a 35-person team. In 2000, he created a $10M consulting division at Avante Global. He started his own hypervisor consulting practice in 2004, which was acquired by Redapt in 2009. Always entrepreneurial in spirit, Jeff enjoys being a part of the Seattle startup scene, and you can often spot him at Hops & Chops or at a TechStars event.
When not working, Jeff loves spending time with his family, including his 3-year-old son and his two dogs, Bella and Leo. He and his son enjoy exploring the latest apps on his iPad and MacBook Air, and Bella and Leo enjoy napping in his office while he catches up on tech blogs.