Gary Flake and his team and Clipboard have been slowly, steadily growing a new way for you to save information from the web. Find out what this former machine learning researcher-turned-CEO has to say about building a business, running the startup marathon, and how it feels to be named one of Time’s Top 50 Websites.

Of being named to Time’s Top 50 Websites, Gary says, “It was a huge honor, totally unexpected.” And he means it - the company has kept a fairly low profile since launching earlier this year. Only now, after several iterations, is the Clipboard team confident they have a product they can start evangelizing.

We’ve had a pretty charmed existence,” Gary says of his Clipboard team. “Clipboard wants to fill a small and simple role,” he explains, adding that their whole mission is to solve on fundamentally broken part of the web - that there was no good way to reliably save a section of a web page.

Gary’s advice to other startup founders is wise: “Doing a startup is not a sprint, it’s an endurance race.” He adds, “People who approach it as a sprint almost always fail; you can’t start thinking your vision of success is to become an acqui-hire.”

Values and culture are essential to the success of the Clipboard team, says Gary. “Pick your values wisely and stick to them.” Also important? “Team dynamics - focus on the team, not just one individual on the team.”

Though they haven’t focused much on marketing or PR, Clipboard has been growing in public since the product was just 12 weeks old. Now, Gary says, “This is our opportunity to go big or go home.” He adds, “Aspire for scale or don’t play.”