“I was supposed to be an accountant,” says Marc Barros, who’s now the co-founder and CEO of Contour, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Pacific Northwest. He set out to solve a simple problem (find a way to shoot high-quality video while skiing), and is now leading a team and learning plenty along the way. What are the biggest lessons he’s learned? What technology would he get rid of “in a heartbeat” if he could? Find out in this exciting new Nextcas

What’s Marc’s secret for founding such a successful company? Well, he stumbled into it. “We wanted to solve our own problem,” he says, explaining that he and his friends sought a better way to shoot video while skiing the slopes. He found something he was passionate about and strove to create the best product he could.

To Marc, the foundation of your company is everything. It comes down to asking the right questions, he says. Instead of asking “what do we have to offer?, he suggests thinking this way: “why does our company exist?” Having a core set of values and vision will always lead you in the right direction. (3:13)

Marc says all of his success has been tied to one mantra: “Don’t give up.” That, and constant self-reflection and feedback. You’ll save a lot of time if you can take advice from a trusted source.“I appreciate when people give you the honest truth because it saves you a lot of time,” Marc explains. (7:40)

“I think the best entrepreneurs have a gut instinct,” Marc says about running a successful startup business. Learning as much as you can and bringing on investors and advisors to keep you on track is always good, but listening to your instincts can be your secret weapon. (10:50)

We haven’t heard this one before! Without hesitating, Marc asys, “I think email’s the worst. I’d get rid of it in a heartbeat.” (12:40) He maintains a good work-life balance by never checking email on his phone or when he’s trying to take time off from the office. (6:13)