Max talks to Jeff about hacking high school, the impending demise of the human race, and how he's making massive scale massively personal.

Some of our favorite takeaways from Max's wisdom:

The future of technology is “bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth.” Video and 3D content made possible by a universal, inexpensive technological backbone will basically blow our minds in the coming years. We already have tremendous VR and augmented reality technology, and the evolution of dynamic indexing across CDNs will make it affordable as a commercial product. This is good business for Max -- but what does it mean for humanity?

Companies to watch right now? RightScale and DynDNS, and other companies that embrace determining and solving problems of scope and scale. As Max says, RightScale "took the impossible and made it very difficult." Companies that continue to iterate with ferocity and focus on massive scalability and cloud distribution will build our technical future.

Max is not drinking the Redmond Kool-Aid. He says companies like Microsoft have quashed innovative companies with more heart and soul with business- and financial-based strategies over technology-based ones. They have been “dragging the past along rather than embracing something that just makes more sense” and “the way we've been doing it doesn't work anymore.” He briefly credits them with "keeping people technically retarded but functional."

Max's top 3 tips for a young tech company: “Do as little as possible, keep no overhead, and give nothing away.” Don't try to solve a huge conceptual problem; instead, “find a problem that is absolutely specific, find out in advance if someone will pay you for it, become the absolute super best at solving that problem.”

What's next for aiCache? Helping companies with sophisticated tech needs for capacity and personalization and providing them with the ability to “build a global distributed network for dynamic content can be done by person of average technical skill over their lunch hour.” aiCache works successfully with e-commerce and social media, and companies that need mass personalization based on a high number of unique transactions.