Dave Mathews wants to solve really big problems. The latest Internet foe he’s facing off with is the user login field on your website, and he wants to fix it for good. How’s he going to do it, and what makes him want to change the Internet forever? Let’s find out on the latest Nextcast.

Website owners are spending time and energy creating sign-in fields, but "none of that work computes back to the core product,” Dave says. “That’s not why someone came to your website.”

Driven by a love for “being able to do something for the last time”, Dave and his team at DailyCred are building a product whose goal is to ensure no one will ever struggle with the issues of sign-in forms and security again.

What keeps Dave going while he tries to change the world? His philosophy is simple: “Be honest; try to do excellent work.”

Picking a good cofounder, says Dave, is one essential key to startup success. “Trust and being friends” are foundations of a good cofounder relationship. “You work extremely long hours with lots of stress and uncertainty.”

When he’s not working those long hours, Dave makes a point to pursue other interests like photography. “It’s good to have another outlet,” he says. “It rolls back into your work, and changes the way you approach problems.” He concludes, “You’ve got to live in the world if you want to change it.”