If your doctor could have easy access to your entire genome, how would it change the future of healthcare? That’s what Don Rule and his company, Translational Software, want to find out. Doing business at the intersection of computer science and biology, Don wants to make it easy for doctors to get all the information new technology can provide. We’ll see how he got here on this edition of Nextcast.

Starting out in finance and discovering he had a knack for computer software, Don spent much of his career learning how software can change the name of the game in business. Now, Don says, he’s working “at the intersection of computer science and biology - and it opens up a whole new world.

Don wants to put increasingly available genetic information into the hands of doctors who can use it to make better decisions about patient care. If he had all the money in the world, he’d be doing exactly the same thing, he says. “I’d translate the information we have from the genome and put it in the hands of doctors.”

For now, Don’s business is all about “getting involved with a customer base and community base”. Though many healthcare facilities can’t afford to integrate new technologies into their everyday business, Don sees a future in which lower costs for bioinformatics to use data to improve health. “More will be known about medicine in the next five years than in all of human history.”