What’s the future of cloud? We asked Chef co-founder and Chief Community Officer Jesse Robbins what he thought, and here’s what he had to say:

“Everybody is just beginning to get an awareness that data centers should have APIs,” Jesse says. And he’s got some insight on this subject. “We’ve been involved with every public and private cloud,” Jesse says of his Opscode team.

The days of 50-week deployments may soon be behind us too, he explains. “Get rid of that,” Jesse says, “Get to really fast application deployment.” Startups are already there, and bigger corporations will likely go the same direction: “Enterprise follows the web.”

It won’t necessarily be a simple process, but moving systems to the cloud means companies can be faster than ever before. Key factors? “Continuous integration and deployment,” Jesse explains. “Companies that are agile are recognizing that they create greater change velocity more quickly when they deploy every day.”

Be strategic about what you move to the cloud, though, Jesse advises. “What works at a couple of machines doesn’t work with a couple of hundred.” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, is the philosophy Jesse recommends. “It’s about finding really great opportunities within your organization early,” he says. “Don’t fight uphill to migrate something over. Look for the place where you’re going to see real, immediate value.