Nick Huzar knows you have a bunch of stuff in your garage, and he wants to help you sell it. Improving the way we buy and sell online and on our phones is the next big problem Nick and his team at OfferUp are aiming to solve. With a history in startups and a passion for solving big problems, Nick shares his ideas on simplicity and “the rhino principle” with me on the latest Nextcast.

“I like to build and create things,” Nick says. “That’s what gets me excited.” Breaking down the very complex into the very simple is what Nick strives to do in every part of his business. Standing at the intersection of clean design and wild creativity, Nick explains, “When I’m building something, I want you to experience it.”

Nick’s passion for the consumer means he will launch a company - even when he doesn’t want to. “I tried to convince myself not to do another startup,” says Nick, but eventually he gave in and launched OfferUp to help people sell off the stuff in their house. Smartphones are “the macrotrend we need to pay attention to” for buying and selling, and OfferUp wants to do it better than anyone else.

Inspired by the time he was actually charged down by a rhino in Africa, Nick calls the powerful driving force behind his startup momentum “the rhino principle”. What does it mean? “Charge forward and no matter what, you keep on charging.”

If there’s one lesson Nick wants you to know, it’s the importance of networking. “A lot of reasons you’re not able to move things forward is because of the people you have around,” he says. When launching a company, the key is the people you bring in with you from coworkers to advisers. “Be a networker.”

Nick’s advice to startups is equally direct, “Find the best people you can and work with them.” Oh, and one more thing: “If the wheels aren’t falling off, you’re probably not going hard enough.” Spoken like a real startup veteran.