Conversation with Uri Budnik about RightScale, the future of cloud computing and how he got into technology. Uri also tells a funny story about an IT executive crying over a technology install.

Watch the first-ever interview and episode of NextCast here. Jeff chats with Uri Budnik from Rightscale about how he got into the tech field, his favorite gadgets and devices, and the time he made as executive cry.

Uri told Jeff how he moved from telecom to cloud computing, and why he hasn't looked back. After a long career creating communication portals for customers with different systems in different countries, he stepped out and made the move to Rightscale. “Rightscale technology was so killer, such a game changer” that Uri cold-called them and created his own position at the dynamic company.

Cloud computing is such an exciting technology, according to Uri, because it combines the best of all the best technology we have available into one space: “virtualization, service-oriented architectures – cloud computing is all about getting the most you can out of the best features of each”.

Uri reflects on how much has already changed in the technology space and how much is yet to come. “Internet years are like dogs years,” he says, noting that “we've gone from cycles of months to minutes.” Tech professionals used to be happy to have systems set up in 90 days, but now it can happen in single-digit minutes, and there are only more possibilities.

He thinks the best is yet to come in the world of cloud computing - “we're still using it the old way.” It might take kids to haven't grown up with the restrictions that current programmers grew up with to see how the technology can really transform.

Our favorite part of the interview comes when Jeff asks if Uri has ever made a tech professional cry. Uri admits he has, and tells Jeff about the time he sold an executive some software before all the bugs had been worked out. The exec ran the emotional gamut, from “out of control anger, to pleading, to the last stage which was crying.