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My hope for this network is to capture and share the earned knowledge of a growing army of seasoned technologists, entrepreneurs and investors. I recommend you watch the videos you’re interested in. But I strongly recommend you watch the videos you’re not interested in. I’ve found that in seeking a thing that will change your life, it is useful to change the places you look.

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Bad managers often think that addition is the solution to solving any problem; good managers often recognize that subtraction can be an effective way to solve a problem
— Jon Jenkins, Head of Engineering at Pinterest
My heroes are people who jump – people who are trying and failing, they’re not secure but they’re following their dreams
— Jenni Hogan
If you identify that you’re arrogant, stubborn, or lazy, those are three things that are going to be detrimental in your creative process building a company
— Kyle Kesterston, Co-founder of Freak’n Genius

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