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About Amrith Kumar

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Tesora was founded with the vision of radically simplifying how databases are provisioned and managed. We are partnering with the OpenStack Trove community to create an open database as service platform to deliver on this vision.

With Tesora, OpenStack administrators can go beyond compute and storage to offer their users a self-service, managed database service for MySQL and other leading databases. The new open DBaaS platform on OpenStack will offer security, availability, performance and disaster-recovery capabilities that lets you deliver database as a service in the cloud or in a data center.

The Tesora team has more than 200 years of experience building database technology for companies such as Progress Software, Netezza, Object Design and Dataupia. They are taking that background to the OpenStack Trove project.

The team has already brought to market technology to scale out traditional relational databases on demand without having to change a single line of code. And it’s the only scale-out solution that supports multitenancy. These innovations were recognized with four patent grants and several more pending.

The company sought out partnerships to deliver a complete DBaaS platform. Wanting an open, pluggable platform, the widely adopted OpenStack cloud platform was a natural choice. Tesora joined the OpenStack community as a corporate sponsor and made a commitment to collaborate with and contribute to the Trove project to deliver an enterprise-class DBaaS platform. I am an active technical contributor to OpenStack and a member of the core review team for OpenStack Trove.

We named our company Tesora (meaning treasure in Italian) because of our strong commitment to the OpenStack Trove project and to delivering the industry’s first enterprise-class open platform for DBaaS.