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About Bryan Payne

@bdpsecurity   @netflix

Bryan has been Involved in open source for many years.  He created Open1x in 2003 (an 802.1x implementation) and LibVMI in 2005 (a virtual machine introspection library).  He is still actively involved in leading the LibVMI project today, see for details.

Bryan started working with OpenStack in Spring 2012 at the Folsom Summit in San Francisco.

Bryan co-founded the OpenStack Security Group (OSSG) along with Rob Clark in Fall 2012.

Bryan led the creation of the OpenStack Security Guide (, was a co-author for the book, and served as the editor for about 2 years after its creation.

Bryan led the security team at Nebula with a blend of security engineering, analysis, review, and operations.

Bryan recently started a new role leading the Platform Security team at Netflix.