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About Randy Bias

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His prescient views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the industry’s most influential voices. He is an evangelist who was among the first to articulate the generational transition of IT from mainframe to enterprise computing and then to cloud. He also popularized the cloud server "pets vs. cattle" meme.

Randy was an early and vocal supporter of the OpenStack project. His company, Cloudscaling, was part of the initial OpenStack launch in summer of 2010. He led the teams that deployed the first public OpenStack storage cloud outside of Rackspace and the first public OpenStack compute cloud. He is a founding Board Member of the OpenStack Foundation (2012) and was reelected in 2013 & 2014. He continues to be a vocal advocate of OpenStack through his company, his writing, and his speaking engagements.

His voice is frequently heard in media outlets such as GigaOm, InformationWeek, The Economist, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ReadWriteWeb, O’Reilly Radar, Light Reading and others. In addition to contributing to the Cloudscaling blog, he is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at events such as the OpenStack Summit, VMworld, Structure, eComm, CloudConnect, Interop, CloudBeat, CloudExpo, and Gluecon.