NextCast is what you might call a passion project. After nearly 20 years in entrepreneurship and IT, I realized I still had so much to learn from leaders and doers in the tech space. I was attempting to navigate my own career, and I knew I needed to use other people as my compass. But so little can be summed up in a bio, or in a print interview; I always wanted to know more. People, it turns out, are not soundbytes. I wanted the interviews to go deeper. I decided I would sit down with some of the leaders and visionaries who cross my path, and I would ask them the bigger questions: How did you get here? What did you need to learn and how did you learn it? When did the process get hard and how did you walk through it? Who helped you? What's next for your life? What's next for your field? How will the things you're building change your day-to-day life? How will they change mine? How can what you know help me to stay ahead of the curve?

The response from the tech community was overwhelming. "Yes," they said, "We need this. We need something like this."

My hope for this project is to capture and share the earned knowledge of a growing army of seasoned technologists, entrepreneurs and investors. I recommend you watch the videos you're interested in. But I strongly recommend you watch the videos you're not interested in. I've found that in seeking a thing that will change your life, it is useful to change the places you look.

The future is here. Stick around.